Friday, June 18, 2010

And we have the cutest pair of kitties, Chancellor and Roscoe!
Their Dad, Allen,is a wonderful photographer and just opened his Etsy shop in May.
He will receive 50 FREE TWEETS this next week!

We recently went to our usual shelter to adopt ONE cat. And there he was; Chancellor....a done deal.....or so we thought! While waiting in line to fill out the forms, the long time proprietor and owner asked if we had seen the note on the cage.
"Which note?," I asked.
"The one that said - 'These two cats must be adopted together'", she replied.
"But why? We have adopted singles before?"
"These two are special", she explained. "They belong together and are inseparable."
"Are you sure???," I asked.
I guess she was !!!

So thus came Roscoe.

And the surprises and laughter began. These two are simply funny!! They love everything. Nothing is out of bounds....even the warmth of my laptop, where I do most of my work.

.....and now into the mind of the kitties!

Hey, Roscoe! ROSCOE!! WAKE UP!!

Dad is gone.....and he left the laptop on! Ya know that Etsy thing he joined? It's our big chance to become famous! So let's butter up the CEO's there with a little convo....

Yeah!! That's it!! We kitties ROCK!!

Oh No...QUICK! I think he's coming...!


I really don't want them to grow up. But they will. I can only hope they stay bonded, because this is just too special!

Kudos to Kay's animal shelter, and their intuition that Roscoe and Chancellor belong together!

Please welcome Allen and his furry friends to Etsy by leaving a comment and visiting his shop!




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  1. That is so cute about Roscoe and Chancellor,We have been saying that when the time comes for us to get another cat (when our Diese is gone :(
    We want to adopt 2 that are together, that is nice that these cats got such a nice home with Allen.
    Great shop also.

  2. what a wonderful story! they seem so happy :)

  3. That is sooo cute! I love furbaby Friday. Allen's pictures are great! I am sure the kitties will be bonded like that for life!

  4. eeeeeeeeek! I looooooooooove this! I am shaking from cuteness!!!

    They will stay bonded - I am sure!!

    I am going to check out "daddy's" shop now!


  5. Oh my goodness....these two are SO adorable! Yes, they do belong together! :) Precious!

  6. Oh these two are precious!! I love the pics.

  7. Those kitties are adorable, and Bless the shelter workers who realized they shouldn't be separated! The artwork in your shop is stunning! God Bless you all! I can't imagine a bond like that will ever fade ;-)

  8. they're so sweet and lucky to have a loving home! :0) Yay for shelter kitties!!!

  9. Aw the kitties are so cute. You just got to love them.

  10. lovely story - glad to know that the shelter had bonded them and they went together, thanks to their dad for making room for two in his heart and home :)

  11. I love kitties, I have two that are about a year apart - your two are adorable. Glad you didn't break up the family and took them both. They seem to have settled into your home quite nicely.

  12. Beyond cuteness and I loved the story. LOVE happy endings and Allen's big heart in taking the pair!

  13. This is the cutest kitten story and stunning photography by 'dad'. I really enjoyed it and am so glad to know that there are rescue workers taking the time to get so involved in two little kittens' well being.

  14. So adorable! what a lucky family you are to have 2 kitties. You know no one has just one cat, right? All of our animals are adopted, two from very rotten lives before we had them. Would love a feature??? fantasydreamknits (at) gmail (dot) com.

  15. These two kitties are too cute for words. I love reading stories like these...with very happy endings. Its good to hear that some shelters really try to do whats best for the animals. I agree that these two trully are inseparable. Such a beautiful write up & great shop too.

  16. OK, I already see you have 15 comments on this. A quick tear came to my eye when I saw why the kitties needed to be together, and I just kept saying "Oh my God", "Oh my God". Just love the pictures, just love the writing - made me laugh, just love the kitties, AND just love the photos.
    Best of luck to Allen with his kitties and his new shop, and welcome to Etsy. You will love it here.

  17. The kitties are sooooo cute!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog (M and J in a Nutshell) and commenting.

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