Friday, January 25, 2013

My Warm Montana January - Starring Tooey!

Yep! This is Montana! Absolutely gorgeous on Thursday the 24th and I could hardly focus on work. I went outside running in the morning and walking in the afternoon and kept watching the bald eagle fly over the river and back. By the end of the day, most all the snow was off the road and much of the ground was showing. It was about 52 degrees out! 

...and Tooey was HAPPY! 

After an hour in the greenhouse, he went to sleep.....

Stay warm all you BRRR COLD peeps! 


  1. Tooey is such a lucky boy to have you as a mom :) He is such a handsome boy and looks as though he is having a wonderful time in the greenhhoue. I think you were meant to be right there in that beautiful country. I love hearing about it and your adventures there :)

  2. Montana sure is beautiful country.
    And Tooey has his own private garden. :-)