Saturday, December 15, 2012

I love My Pets Jubilee Teammates !!!

I received my fun and practical giftie yesterday from my secret Santa and it couldn't have been more perfect!! 

This is part 2 of Carole's gift that arrived today (12/24)! Look at ALL these handsome piggies! And I was just complaining to myself the other day about not having enough magnets on the frig! Ha! Thank you SOOOO much - such a perfect gift! 

lovely modeling by Tooey and Chubbs!

I'm looking forward to another wonderful year with my true BFs in 2013!


  1. Oh yes, these are definitley fun. I know you must love them Patty.
    Is that a little kitty bandana in the front there? In the red with gold swirls? How cute is that?
    That looks like the same fabric that Velvets collar was made of on her Secret Santa gift!
    Great gifts from Carole!

  2. tooey is a natural model!!! how cute is a piggie bandana? merry holiday!

  3. Oh, he is a natural born piggy model. You could do a children's book. See How Tooey runs. Jingle Tooey Jingle... heehee. Love it.

  4. JIngle bells, JIngle bells,. Jingle all the way. LOL
    Chubs is very pretty, esp with the bandana. And Tooey is so much fun!!

  5. I love both of them in the bandanna, but Tooey made such cute noises! Gorgeous fabrics, too. Wonderful gifts :)

  6. I love the magnets too - they are so adorable!