Saturday, September 1, 2012

Agility Competition with Sissy and Wandering Freddie

This morning I made what I hope to be my annual trip over to the big brown barn to watch my fellow Etsian and dog-lover, Bree, compete with her dogs in agility classes. This was the first time I had seen Sissy, her Blue Heeler mix, compete. She is two years old, so friendly, and full of energy! 

Sissy may not have had the best day following the courses, but she sure had fun! AND she made it through the weaving poles which is something that she has seldom done. Way to go Sissy! You can watch her as she she slows down to go through them toward the back of the arena. 

My video of Freya was not very good, but she had a bit of an off day today as well. Oh well - two more days of running are yet to come, so we will wish them luck! 


Now this little guy...

(View here on Flickr since blogger won't load it!) 

is Fred the doxie-mix. I think he is one year old. He was a riot!! He really needs no intro as he has only one thing on his mind...F-U-N! Go Freddie GO! 

Bree works 40 hours/week at her regular job in an organic agriculture department AND spends almost as much time per week working at Etsy - PLUS she finds time to train her two dogs and compete them. She's pretty amazing! 
It was great to see you! I was highly entertained! 
You can visit Bree's shop, Freyasstudio, and find beautiful handmade collars and leashes for your dog. 


  1. sissy is so beautiful & happy. go, bree!!!

  2. Looks like fun with your doggie pals, and that's the main thing.

  3. So much fun to see Bree and all of the dogs :) Bree - you're amazing! I think they did a great job!