Monday, July 30, 2012

Montana - Home at Last!

We left Ohio on July 7, exhausted from house sales and packing and trashing things over the last month. We each left with only what fit into our cars, an Altima and an Ion. There is something both very sad and very freeing about being able to pack up an entire life into your car and taking off on a 2000 mile cross country trip to start another life. 

First sight of the Rockies in Wyoming. 
This part of driving out is beyond words. To get your first glimpse of the mountains after being in the car for 20 some hours is like the beginnings of a fountain springing forth with life. It gets bigger and bigger as you drive onward until you feel like you cannot contain the grandeur you are becoming a part of. You feel as though you are shrinking with each mile, and yet, at the same time, you feel all wrapped up in the eternal strength of the arms of God. It is something that I have experienced each time during my trips out here. But this time, I am staying, and get to remain a part of the life of these mountains. I feel like I have always belonged here, and now I am finally home.

"Hey! Where are we now? Is this map edible? Dude - this box is SO tiny! Can I get out and stretch my legs?"

My road facing north

Front of my house

View from out my front door facing west

Back of house

Back deck facing south

Right behind my house about 25 feet away!

"Ahhh...this is the life. Fresh picked spinach in the green house!"

Thea isn't so sure if she likes fresh spinach at first - but it wasn't long before it was all gone.

Chubbs - happy on the back porch watching the river.

 Nipper kitty - 15 years young loving her spot on the porch.

There is no way to explain finding this place other than to say it was the will of God. It is beyond beautiful. The landlord is far more a neighbor than a landlord. He is about 60 and his family has been in this valley since 1936. His father is 85 and is an incredibly active man, full of life, always involved in projects including gardening and siding our house in the back! He climbs ladders, rides bikes, carries buckets of rocks and wheelbarrow loads of dirt and debris. 
Each of the owners has a hand built home here on the river, similar to ours, that is filled with warmth and stories of their past adventures and family. Antiques of all kinds fill the homes and tell their individual tales. It is a ready made community of people who want to share and be part of something bigger than themselves. The rent here is about $200 less than what it could be, but the owner only wants enough to help pay for the sustaining of the property, not to gouge for profit. About 16 people responded after we did, yet he chose us. He was looking for people who would fit into their lifestyle here, not just anybody who could pay the rent. 
So here we are! My sister and I, both starting all over and loving it. Not many understand or even agree with what we did, but the mountains have called to me for many years and I can now say with more understanding than ever before:

"I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
from where shall my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth. 
The Lord will protect your going out and your coming in
From this time forth and forever." 
Psalm 121:1,2,8


  1. Your new home looks like the kind of place you can relax in! ENJOY!!!

  2. This made me cry, Patty! I am so proud for you and 'Mare' to be there :) The views are stunning and I am envious of the south facing deck lol The place looks custom made for you -- I am so happy you are finally there!

  3. The sight of the mountains gave me goose bumps. Love all the views from your house. I esp love the back of the house and that screened in porch. Loved seeing Tooey looking out of his box, and Thea just as pretty as ever. Thanks for sharing these and your story.

  4. What you are doing must be kind of scary,,,but really,,,life can be like that. There is no right or wrong way to look at it. You have made your decision and now it's just a matter of adjusting to a new lifestyle. I wish you well in your adventure.

  5. Welcome home Patty ! Its looks awesome :)

    May you find the solace you seek and may gods' will continue to flow through you and enrich your life and those around you.

  6. What is so beautiful is I can FEEL the love for your new home in your post!
    Your lifestyle sounds as if it will be so much healthier than the hustle/bustle of city living.

    That gorgeous river is just 25 ft away? How blessed!

    Is the green house the screened in area of your porch or is that an extra screened room? Either way, it is wonderful!

    The cats seem to be thriving, how did they do on the trip?

    I am so happy for you and I admire ANYONE who has the courage to pursue their dream/passion!!!

    Wishing you the best and looking forward to further updates!

    1. The greenhouse IS attached to the house through a screen door. It'a actually our entrance.

      The cats did quite well. Nipper the elder did very well. She is easy going and happy. Chubbs is very nervous about life in general, so he had a bit of an adjustment, but after the first day he decided the floor of the back seat was very fine indeed. Never moved until placed in the litter box at stops! They are both so happy here!

  7. That is so cool. I thought you liked Montana before, so this is great. Lovely house. :) Chubbs reminds me of our Basquiat.

  8. Everything is perfect :) Congratulations to you and your sister for finding a new life.

  9. Looks beautiful there! Especially love the river in back and the greenhouse. Did the house come furnished? Much happiness to you both and do keep us posted!

  10. Patty - I meant to tell you - I LOVE where you live...I can see you totally loving it there...the scenery is so refreshing and how it is so antique-y looking and cottage-y.

    There is something Very Special about places like that in this over stressed and overly busy lifestyle that we live in. At least there you will escape some of the frantic state of the world.....especially if you don't watch t.v.

    This is just what Dr. Jesus prescribed for you and for MarySue.....what an amazing gift you girls have been given...first of all to be able to live together, and in this peaceful environment.

    Just watch what God will bring by for you two.....He is faithful and never encouraging is that?

    And the gift of your friend/neighbour/landlord with his greenhouse full of fresh goodies will be overflowing.....:):) You will be writing volumes during your time there....and you say it is 'home' now....wowsers, girl - you are one amazing woman......

    Praying for MarySue to find a job....that will certainly make life a little more enjoyable - knowing there will be steady income coming in.

    Can't get over it Patty - I think you and Suzy have some very similar genes......Suzy can't get enough 'outside' in her. If she had her wishes she'd live in a place like that too....but she needs to be close to a school now as her children are young.

    Sending love and prayers your way and I will be thanking and praising God for the remarkable answers that are on the way for you both....

    When is the next grandbaby the Fall I think, right? I'm sure you will also enjoy Cody's is him that is coming first I think.

    o.k. all for now,