Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Skirt Creations!

Some new creations from the weekend! I found this lime green dotted fabric while at my local thrift store on Saturday (which I love). It was a sundress of sorts - rather ugly, actually, with this yucky green lacy stuff all over. But the fabric itself was very cute. So I bought it ,and after washing it, cut it into a skirt. I added some ribbing I had on hand and then mixed some fabric paint Itogether - red, white, and blue - to make the kitties. I had just had a customer tell me the day before that she liked my cat themed clothing in Catcalls, but there were no plus sizes, so this is, hopefully, the beginning of more of those sizes. It was quite fun to make! 

Not to leave my Dogbarks shop out of the fun, I pulled out the left over flannel you see here, and after looking it over, decided a skirt would be a cute creation for this remnant as well. So I did the same thing again, adding pockets and a waistband from a black t-shirt. It's very comfy! 

Just click on the pictures to find more info on them. 

So what did YOU create this past weekend? 


  1. soooo cute!!! Believe it or not I LOVE the doggy one!

    I created nothing but 2 blog posts this weekend :)

  2. Those worked out nicely Patty ! Real fun and perfect for theupcoming summer :)
    I'm personally doing plumbing work at the moment... however... i did create this FAB multiple garden hose hub thingy. I'm tired of the made in china ones lasting less than 12 months... so... i made a fancy 4 hose hub and got it all plumbed in.
    woohoo :)