Thursday, February 10, 2011


is dedicated to my dear friend, Shari, who has created a fellowship of friends that will live on forever, and who is deeply loved by all the PJ sisters

To You, With Love

Though I am not your human partner, I feel your sadness and I am sad, too.

Though I cannot speak your language, I hear you crying and come close to snuggle you.

Though I do not understand why things are changing in our home, my loyalty and devotion will remain the same.

If I seem to be a bit more protective, a bit more watchful, a bit more vigilant than usual, it is because I know.

And it is my way of giving myself
to you, with love.


  1. So very true. I bet Velvet would agree with all these words. I know Sasha does. :)

  2. Oh thank you so much! I love it and it is so very true! Velvet has been barking her head off at everyone who even drives past the house and she just sits and stares at Ken. This is so beautiful! thank you!!!

  3. Patty, this is so wonderful! I think we can all identify with this love of a dog :)

  4. The loyalty and devotion of a good dog are the qualities we all look for in human friends as well.
    Our friend & team leader, Shari, has those very qualities.
    We love you Shari.

  5. This is touching and you matched it so well in the photos. Thanks for sharing.