Thursday, November 11, 2010


Naomi, from, and her two kitties, Gromek and Peanut, have wonderful 'happy ever after' stories to tell us today!

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Ahhhh.....right a little to the left....ooooo purrfect!

My sister is a veterinarian. One of the veterinary technicians working at an overnight emergency clinic had gone out to buy food for the staff. When he was walking back to the clinic, a cat followed him. He left the cat outside and went in. Over the course of the night passers-by rang the doorbell to the clinic several times thinking a cat had escaped! Eventually they figured out that this kitty was not planning to leave and they brought him in and neutered him, intending (on the boss’s orders) to release him the next day. Luckily for Gromek they kept him, and once I met him I knew I had to take him home! He was such a sweet, laid-back kitty that I knew he’d be able to handle driving two hours back and forth with me to visit home on weekends. He was about a year old. The first day I brought him home he actually climbed into my lap, and I knew I’d picked the right little guy!

....just showing you my fine looking tummy!

Five years later, my sister emailed me a picture of a tiny little cat that had been brought in to the clinic where she works. He looked about 6 weeks old and had only one good eye. My boyfriend and I weren’t sure we wanted another cat, and we definitely thought Gromek would not be pleased. We were sure such a young kitten would be easily adopted, so we said no. Almost 8 months later, the poor little guy was still stuck at the clinic! They had heard a heart murmur and knew he would need an echocardiogram and preferably a visit to a cardiologist to be sure of his prognosis. A few people had considered adopting him, one of whom could not afford the specialist visit, and another of who said they would euthanize him if he had a heart problem. Needless to say, I ended up going to meet him, and we took him home. We got him his (expensive!) cardiologist visit! Peanut is now a year old, and will need another echocardiogram in a few months, but so far, if his heart problems don’t get worse, his prognosis looks good.

I LOVE to cuddle! Sometimes I squeeze between my mom and dad on the couch. And burying myself under the bed covers is always fun!

This is my cousin. When I first moved in, I used to attack him when he came over. But now we are good fact, we are cuddle buddies!

I am VERY smart! My mom taught me to sit for my treats. Chicken and tuna are my faves...YUMMMMM!

You can't see me! This is one of my special hiding places.

Another fun hiding place. I bet Mom won't have a clue I was here!!

It's true I only have one good eye, but I have gotten pretty good at jumping in the house. See that sofa Gromek is on?
I'm a bit of a klutz, but I am famous in our house for leaping up to the back of the sofa . . . and disappearing over the other side! But I do it again and again....and sometimes make it on!

At first Gromek and Peanut did not get along and we kept them separated only allowing for short interactions. We kept at it, rewarding them with games, pets, and treats whenever they were near each other, and separating them whenever things got too stressful. Now they get along . . . at least as well as any pair of human siblings. Gromek still thinks Peanut is pretty annoying. Peanut likes to bat and chomp on Gromek’s ears and tail. But Gromek lets him get away with it now, and might move away if things get too annoying. They play-fight now instead of real fighting, and will bounce and jump over each other and chase each other through the house until someone gets tired of the game. After a long time of being unwilling to be in the same room, they can now even share some of Gromek’s favorite windows, and I recently even caught Gromek grooming Peanut!

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  1. Beautiful kitties!! Such a sweet story!!

  2. That is a wonderful story! Loved it :) I'm so glad the two decided to get along... Their markings are very similar - maybe they ARE long lost cousins :) Lovely jewelry too!

  3. I love these "love" stories!


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